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Spade Marketing creates a dynamic lens that bridges people together through content, strategy, and paid media.

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While the world obsesses over likes and comments, we keep our focus on growing your business and bringing in revenue.

What We Do

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Client Login

Clients can login to our web application by clicking the button below. You will get access to a full dashboard of tools that help analyze all your marketing efforts.

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Our job is scalability. That's why we implement marketing systems that continuously attract new customers while giving you an effective way to manage leads and conversions.


Using a multi-faceted approach we lay the foundation of your brand and build successful Marketing Campaigns around it. Click the button below to see some of the services we offer.

What We Do

Lay the Foundation 

The goal is to build a strong brand presence while continuing to bring new awareness to the business. Using branding tactics, social media, well designed creative, and a strategic website we can Double or Triple your organic reach thus growing your audience.

Campaign Execution

Once a strong foundation is built, we begin implementing ads across different platforms along with other methods of conversion and lead generation. This can include influencer marketing, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, TV and radio ads and even experiential marketing.

Ongoing Support

Once the campaign is fully functional, we provide results via our Spade Marketing Web Application. This is where you will be able to track new leads, analyze conversions, and view everything related to the marketing of your business. Your dedicated Account Manager will work alongside you to create new campaigns that are effective in your industry.

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IntegrateD marketing Systems at your disposal and built into your business 

 How We Do It

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Using an array of resources, we create and deploy catered marketing tactics that suit the needs of each individual business. Successful marketing depends on much more than just great ads, which is why we sit down with our clients to understand their business and consumers.



Once a full strategy is built-out, we work with businesses to penetrate the market and create additional clientele through web based services. This can include, but is not limited to, digital advertisements, blogs, videos, and website creation.



After the implementation phase, we gain access to massive amounts of data collected from potential consumers. This data gives us key insights into what has been working and what needs to be adjusted. We can then optimize these campaigns based on best performance and continue scaling your business.

Check Out Our Blog for tips on how to start scaling your business today!

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