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Tips on How to Create a Complete Instagram Strategy

Why your Small Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Every transaction starts and ends with social media. Suppose you see someone wearing a nice Rolex in a post. You go look around online and find out how much it is. Ouch, that's a dent in the pocket. So you turn your attention to something else. Later you see a few ads for this hip new watch brand. What's the first thing you do? You might follow through with the Call to Action but more likely, you'll check out the connected Instagram account first. Maybe not to even to buy the product but just to see how it compares to the watches and brands you have already looked at.

We spend so much time on social media that it indirectly influences us to shop online. How does this help your business exactly? Well, by creating an integrated strategy for your Instagram page, you can more effectively and efficiently reach the audience you are trying to target.

Today, we will be sharing 4 tips on how you can use Instagram to turn your followers into customers.

Engage. Interact. Support

Social media allows you to show that your brand isn't a corporate bot. You are a human being and you create for other humans. With the increasing trend of e-commerce, people are finding it difficult to differentiate between fake and genuine.

With your social media presence, you can convert clients by sharing your stories, the process of making your products, and anything that holds your customers. This in turn builds trust and where there is trust, there are sales. It’s a no-brainer!

Less Spend, More Results.

What if I told you it is possible that you can target your customers for less than $5? With the help of social media advertising, this has become a reality.

Social media advertising allows you to choose your audience and budget before running personalized ads. As a small business, focusing on geographical areas can help you increase clientele. However, your customers are your best advertisement. If customers like your product and support it, they will help spread the word through word of mouth. Hence, targeting people who will love your product is very important to maximize ROI. More visibility in front of the right people almost always results in more sales!

Personalized and Specialized

Around 55% of buyers have admitted that they tend to buy from stores and brands that give them a personalized experience. Once the brand can convince the buyer that the product is specially made for them or deliver a personalized user experience, they can get that card swiped. You can provide this experience by simply creating a online community, engagement group, or by just interacting with your feed. Often times brands develop a reluctance to post personal values on social media thinking they might lose business. In today's day and age, if you can't stand for your values and be social about what you do and how you do it then your customers won't be reluctant to find someone else. The feeling of getting extra attention drives the buyers to your sales funnel and turns them into loyal customers.

The Basics of Social Media Analytics

Social media comes with its own set of benefits. With a business account you can:

- You can gather data on your business

- See what times are most effective for posting

- Figure out your best geographical target audience

- See how much engagement you are getting

The analytics will help you decide which direction to take your business to meet your objectives. You can get all of this for free using the Instagram app, but there are also platforms such as Ninjalitics which provide more detailed analysis at a cost.

Nobody wants to waste their time and money on things that don't work. As a result, they check for reviews and social proofs. With a cohesive and engaging social media presence, you make your audience feel secure. With the addition reviews and appreciation you get from your customers, it reveals authority and authenticity. And trust us, there isn’t anything better than authentic word of mouth marketing for your business.